How To Use An Air Fryer And Great Air Fryer Recipes For Family Gathering

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you jumped on the air fryer fad because this trendy appliance promised to give you the best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t want a gadget that made foods taste deep-fried but with only a fraction of the oil and calories? However, you might be surprised and pleased to learn that is only the beginning of the air fryer’s capabilities.

Tasty Toasty Appetizer

Many Italian restaurants offer fried ravioli as one of their appetizer selections along with the antipasto and arancini. Thanks to your air fryer, you can serve this comforting and savory hors d’oeuvre to your family anytime. You will love the crispy coating that the air fryer brings out to perfection.

Savory Seeds

If you haven’t made delicious and nutritious pumpkin seeds a part of your snack routine, start today by letting the air fryer brown some up for you in just 15 minutes. That’s about one-fourth of the time you would spend if you were toasting them in the oven.

Bake With Air

You might find this difficult to believe, but many baked goods can be made easily and deliciously in an air fryer. These include lava cakes and several different kinds of cookies. Note, however, that you should not rely on your standard recipes. Instead, seek out instructions particularly customized to your air fryer to ensure that your desserts come out yummy.

Healthy Fish

The air fryer provides you with a fun and new way to make fish. When it’s too cold to grill outdoors and you’re bored with your usual oven preparations, it’s time to try an air fryer salmon recipe. In just a few minutes, you can whip up delectable seafood and fish entrees that would work well for everything from a simple meal with the family to a dinner party.

Healthy Chips

When you got your air fryer, homemade French fries might have been one of the first things you attempted. Yes, they do come out delicious and low-calorie, but you don’t need to stop there. The air fryer is also great for making chips out of everything else from sweet potatoes to kale. Even thinly sliced pickles make a delicious and unique side dish.

Chinese Comfort Food

Do you find that your fried egg rolls are either burned on the outside or not fully cooked on the inside? Making them in the air fryer allows you to get that perfect tender middle surrounded by a satisfyingly crispy crust. Why get takeout when you can make something this easy and delicious with your air fryer?

When you first took your air fryer out of its box, you may not have realized the world of cooking possibilities it represents. For something that takes up so little space on your countertop, this appliance is a multi-talented food preparation powerhouse. Why not try something new tonight?